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Compost is a soil amendment and should not be used by itself. It is intended to improve soil properties such as water management, introduce a diverse microbial population, improve soil structure and enhance nutrient availability throughout the growing season. It is not recommended to use compost by itself as a growing medium.

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This dark, rich, premium quality compost is made from recycled yard trimmings, dairy manure and horse manure. Nicasio Blend is recommended for applications that do not require high nitrogen content such as trees, shrubs, grape vines and natives. It provides valuable organic matter to soil, making it easier to work and more productive. In sandy soil it increases moisture-holding capacity, making soil nutrients more available to plants. In heavy clay soils, porosity is increased which improves aeration in the root zone and overall drainage.

$40.00 per cubic yard

All the benefits of Nicasio Blend but with higher nitrogen content from the inclusion of High-N Manure such as goat and chicken. Hi-Test Compost is great for new gardens and landscapes, especially where soils have been neglected or overworked. In addition to improving soil structure, our Hi-Test Compost will give new plants the nitrogen needed for a vibrant start.

$50.00 per cubic yard

Our Hi-Test Compost was amended with biochar to have 15% biochar by volume in the finished product. Since the biochar has been in process with the Hi-Test Compost, the biochar is now fully charged with microbes and nutrients. See below for further details on biochar.

$70.00 per cubic yard

An affordable, organic alternative to expensive bark products. It suppresses weeds, conserves moisture, moderates soil temperatures, improves soil structure and controls erosion. Vineyard Mulch undergoes a brief composting process at over 131°F that renders it virtually free of weed seeds and plant pathogens. As it slowly breaks down, it provides the organic matter, nutrients and microbes that help plants thrive. Worms thrive in soils that have a generous layer of Vineyard Mulch. Their tunneling activities allow oxygen to get to plant roots and their castings provide a beneficial nutrient input. Does not float.

$30.00 per cubic yard

It is derived from tree stumps and logs. Tree mulch provides the same overall benefits to the soil as the Vineyard Mulch. Due to its woodier nature it will last longer, but provide less nutrients. Offered screened Medium (<1.5”) or coarse (>1.5”).

$20 per cubic yard

This is a dark mulch that has gone through a full compost process. It provides the same benefits as Vineyard mulch, and is perfect for use as a durable top dressing around herbaceous perennials, shrubs, and trees to protect the soil, help conserve water and suppress weeds. As the mulch contains some fines it will also provide some nutrients over time. Some of this product may float when flooded.

$18 per cubic yard

Plant directly into Amended Soil. It’s great for filling raised beds, replacing poor quality soil, adding elevation or leveling a project site, or filling in behind a retaining wall. Amended Soil is a good-looking blend of clean soil, Mallard Plus and biochar. The soil is a mined soil, which is weed-free. When used in pots or raised beds, topsoil tends to crust at the surface. We recommend that a .5 to 1” layer of Ultra-Light mulch is applied to the surface of the soil to prevent crusting.

$80.00 per cubic yard

Biochar (or agrichar) is one of the products created when high-carbon materials such as forest bi-products are gasified under low oxygen conditions (pyrolysis). The process produces both syngas for green energy and biochar to be used as a soil amendment. Biochar is applied only once, but the results will last forever as long as you keep your soil biologically active. Annual applications of compost, mulch, cover crop, etc. will recharge the biochar over the years.

$200.00 per cubic yard

You have specific needs for oyster shell, greens, and, worm castings, etc. to apply directly with your compost? West Marin Compost can make your custom blend. You may order the amendments from your supplier and have it delivered to West Marin Compost. A blending fee of $5.00 per finished cubic yards applies, minimum blending fee $25.00.

Oyster shell will help some clay soils in improving drainage. It also helps neutralize soil pH. Oyster shell will enhance plant growth and make plants stronger.

$250.00 per cubic yard

Defensible Space: Using the right mulch

Having seen extreme fires destroying towns and neighborhoods over the past few years, it is prudent that correct steps are taken around the home to reduce fire risk as much as we can. However, that does not mean that our landscapes have to be converted to sterile hardscapes. Just the opposite, the landscape should take carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the soil. Mulches play a role in this carbon storage.

For defensible space organic mulches should not be used within 5 feet from a structure, be it the home, a barn or shed. In the 5-30 feet from a structure zone less-flammable mulches can be used up to 2 inches thick. Outside of that zone a 3-4 inch layer of mulch can be used. Gorilla Hair mulches should be avoided. The larger woody fraction after composting used as mulch has been rated as the best mulch for a fire safe garden: Our Topper Mulch (see product list above) is that product. Read more what Fire Safe Marin states about mulches.

Product Disclaimer

Our current products are compliant with state standards for physical contaminants. However, they are made from recycled materials, not virgin feedstocks. Very small pieces of non-organics may be found. All products are sold as is and all sales are final.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

After you place an order you can always cancel at no cost as long as your delivery has not started yet. You will not be billed. Please cancel your orders no later than 2 hours before your scheduled delivery. West Marin Compost strives to have happy customers. If you are not satisfied please let us know. If the wrong product has been delivered, we will gladly replace the order with the right product. If our product did not perform as it should we will replace it or give you a refund. We will always evaluate the problem you report and do our best to find a solution.

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